Mega City 1

Magic Kingdom

More detail to follow.

The Judges corner deBotan in the control centre of the abandoned theme park, and battle through the final war droids protecting him, arriving just as the assassins enter the room. A fight breaks out, and the judges make short work of the assassins, and arrest DeBotan.

The virus that he is using to close off all Judicial systems is counter acted by Judge Simian, and enough evidence is gathered from DeBotans computers to indicate that he was just a pawn in this terrorist attack, and his orders came from a law firm on Luna 1, the moon colony.

Evidence also suggested that the weapons supplied to DeBotan where supplied by a Russian arms dealer Valentina Vasiliev

Dredd sugests that the next step is to investigate the money link with the law firm of Hertzog, Hertzog and Chaplin.

Time to head to the shuttle.


DominicORourke DominicORourke

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