Mega City 1

Fight Lizard With Lizard

Having crash landed in a Dino park on Max Overdrives flying God City, Judges Molotov and Bliss, patched up the still unconscious Judges, making them as safe as possible from the now free roaming killer lizards.
Instructed by Dredd to contact the undercover judge already infiltrating Max Overdrive, Judge Bliss commandeers a nearby media station, and hacks a city wide comm link – “This City Is Under Arrest” – dropping a few choice code words and phrases into the accompanying list of offences The City had committed was enough to alert Judge Frank to their presence.

Something shambled out of the shadows. Something shambolic. Dirty Frank had been undercover for so many years, that it was impossible to look at him and think Judge, he found it impossible to look at himself and think Judge. His thinking found it hard to think about himself at all.

Yet … There is something about the brainwashing training that cadets undergo for fifteen years, that cannot be overridden by physical abuse and neglect. Or overridden by mental deterioration. Underneath his psychosis, Frank was still a Judge, and could be relied on to do the right thing, even if the left hand side of his brain wasn’t aware of what the right hand side was up to. A perfect undercover agent.

Dredd had placed Frank in Overdrives organization, as soon as he suspected that funds were being shipped out of the city and onto Luna 1. Frank would be the perfect tool to draw out the puppet master behind, the nuclear bomb attacks. And now that Overdrive’s God City was about to launch it’s own missiles at Mega City 1, Frank was in place to bring it down.

With the help of the clones.

A surreptitious meeting at the armoury gave Frank a chance to debrief the judges.

He had the flight control deck covered – at the right time he would be able to take control and steer the city away from it’s intended target – Mega City 1.
What he needed help with was disarming the banks of nuclear missiles that bristled on the hull of the flying city – and this is where our Judges could help.
Finding the access to the weapons control deck heavily guarded by four armed Kleggs, Bliss and Molotov returned to the Jurassic zoo, to hatch a plan.
Fight lizard with lizard.
Trapping two of the smaller Ravosaurs, They fashioned rough harnesses, and dragging a carcass of a third behind them, enticed the T-Rex from the park, into chasing them the kilometre along the deck to the waiting Kleggs – the shock of seeing their food racing at them froze the Kleggs to the spot, and both Judges let their mounts have a bite each, before peeling away in time to let the T-Rex finish the job – devouring three of the Kleggs and chasing the fourth further into the God City.
Taking their chance, Molotov and Bliss stretchered the unconscious judges to the Control Room, shut and locked the door behind them. Took a breath, only for a voice to greet them from out of the darkness…
“What can I help you with”…


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