Mega City 1

I Am The Law

Legal Briefs

On returning to Hertzog’s building it was unnaturally quiet – the reception at ground floor was abandoned, and the power seemed to be off to the building. Von Simian hacked a security terminal to reveal that the building did seem empty, but could’t be clear on what was happening on the top level, as the privacy of the law firms boardroom seemed to be beyond the scope of the security cameras.

Making their way slowly up the building, guns drawn, the Judges carefully edged their way through the final set of doors into the top floor lobby – ahead of them, the glazed walls of the boardroom were obscured – but the movement and the shouting of the three people behind the glass was obvious – before the Judges could react, a smear of blood was thrown across the glass, and then a body, smashed into it with such force, the plate glass cracked. A animalistic roar followed and a high pitched human scream, seemed to Doppler and disappear.

Running into the room, the double doors on the other side of the room were just swinging closed – the layout of the building suggested a secondary staircase lay beyond – against the walls though, the Judges saw the limp body of one of the Hertzog brothers, or at least half his torso, and slumped against the glazed wall, the body of Chaplin, her head badly smashed, and bleeding out.

Judge Molotov jumped in, and quickly used her skills to stem the flow of blood, and to do enough to stabilise Chaplin, long enough to get her proper medical attention – but she would be unconscious for a long time.

Bethesda used his mind to reach into the next room to touch the mind of the killer that had done this, and recoiled in horror as his thoughts touched that of some animal, some highly intelligent animal, with blood, meat and bone on his mind.

Simian ran to the security cameras, and managed to get a glimpse of the beast as he turned down the stair, it was the Klegg, and it had the final Hertzog brother under his arm!

Taking over control of the elevator and disengaging it’s safety protocols, the Judges launched themselves at the ground floor to try and cut down the lead the beast had.

Instead of leaving by the front door, though, the beast carried on further into the basement of the building, but by now the judges were close on it’s spiny, scaly tail. Entering into a long service corridor, Foe launched the first shot, an armour piercing round which tore into the tough hide of the beast, spinning it in a circle, enough for it to turn, sniff the air, and snarl it’s hundreds of teeth, and hiss “Judgessssssss”

Bethesda fired and missed, but Molotov got off the round that tore the beasts arm from it’s socket, and caused it to drop the Hertzog brother – and with a scream, the beast disappeared into the bowels of the building – and from there into the same set of underground caverns that the beast they had chased yesterday had gone.

Calling in back up to clean and secure the building, and to take care of the lone survivor, the Judges thought it pertinent to search the Hertzog’s home, out beyond Luna City 1, in one of the private hab domes. The brothers seemed to have built for themselves an ancient japanese palace on the moon, all clay tiled roves and timber panelled walls with itazu boards and tatami mats, and a sense of minimalist living.

That said, even with minimalist living, it was obvious someone had been here before them and had torn the place to shreds, whatever evidence had been here, had seemingly been removed. All that is, except for a small secret safe that contained a set of accounts books – and one name stood out.

Max Overdrive.

Max is a Mega City 1 business man, who’s most successful book and vid show, Blood In The Water, had seen him have his fifteen minutes of fame. Trying to hold onto thet fame, Max had had the head of a shark grafted onto his shoulders, and relaunched himself as CEO of Overdrive Inc, with a new book “Don’t be a shark, be a great white shark” and “I smell blood in the business waters”

Overdrive Inc own all the Oxygen production on the moon, and from the construction base in a crater outside of Luna 1. On arrival at his facility to interview the man fish, the Judges learn that the normally empty O2 plant has now been turned into a massive city, at least the size of Luna 1, and is currently being swarmed over by thousands of workers completing what looks like a jewel buried in a crater on the moon.


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