Mega City 1

A Frendz® Mob Interlude

Return of the Misfits

The Misfits, a Frendz® Mob gang are back together. Only hours after escaping the nuclear explosion which destroyed Iso Block 23 and the Cursed Earth Science station, the gang are picked up by Muties in the employ of the Frendz and taken to a place of safety where they can be patched up.
During their treatment, a disembodied voice of one of the Frendz bosses tells them how disappointed he is in them, one last chance blah blah blah, but what perks their interest is that Dieter Swabb is to be replaced as team leader with some newb, Danny Page!
Page walks into the room and takes over with aplomb. As he delivers instruction on their next job – a break in and planting of a computer virus in an secure setting – the team grow drowsy and just as they realise they’ve been gassed they pass out.
They wake in a coffin. A violently shaking coffin. A coffin that feels like its falling from the sky. A coffin with a LED Display? Ok. An escape pod with an LED display that does seem to indicate that they are falling from a very great height. A sub-orbital height.
Page is piloting a large spacecraft that is plummeting from the stars. Sirens are blaring and distress beacons are being broadcast – and from what can be gathered from the comms in front of them, they are but one of the hundreds of star liners, cruise ships and cargo shuttles falling from the sky and crashing into MC1 below. Hundreds of thousands are dead or dying in the flames below. It’s like the city is being bombarded by an alien attack force.
From what you can gather a computer virus has brought nearly all Judicial systems to a halt. Traffic, weather control, sanitation and power – and Air Traffic Control.
Your ship has been hidden amongst all these craft, as if this distraction has been caused just for this job.
You assume DeBotan – the man you were supposed to kill, Is behind this.

Your ship is falling from the sky and in the last few seconds as you see the city racing up towards you, you realise that you seem to be targeting the largest structure in the city – the Statue of Justice.

You crash into the side of the building, and the concussion knocks you out. As you come too, you realise your coffin lid has opened, and you crawl out. Everyone looks shaken and disoriented – until you realise not all of you have made it – the coffin of Frank O’Hare is lying open, but the liquid mess that fills the coffin is all that is left of “The Tank”.

Filing out of the craft, Hurley quickly hacks a terminal and gets the lie if the land – the server room they need is two floors below their current position and only poorly manned – the chaos out on the streets has heavily depleted the number of judges in the building.

Locking off the staircase and the approach to the server room the gang set about creating a distraction which will direct the judges away from their position, and within minutes are outside of the server room. With only one guard left behind, Swabb snuck up behind him, gassed the tech judge without being seen and they had free access to the room.
Activating a self destruct magnetic pulse bomb on the craft they arrived on shut down all power to the section of the statue they were in – three minutes before back up power could reboot the servers was just enough time to install a corrupted module to the rack.

As far as Hurley could tell they were in a server room that controlled Port Authority and Immigration control – obviously someone wanted to get someone or something into or out if the city under the noses of the judges.

With the virus installed and the power back up, it was time to get out of there – all the locks they’d put in place earlier had been reset by the pulse. The only way out was down – through an armoury and to a Hangar Bay two floors down.

Activating some tutorial war droids in the armoury, attracted any of the judges guarding the hangar bay, and hurriedly wearing some discarded uniforms found lying about, the gang bluffed their way past some lowly tech on the hangar bay floor and gained access to a H Wagon, and were heading north of the city as the last of the star liners crashed to earth.

Taking refuge in a Frendz® safe house in Haven township the gang finally paused for breath. Just long enough for Page to threaten them with exposure if they breathed a word of what happened today. They had been paid well enough to keep them quiet for a week and that’s just what they’d do.

Page disappeared shortly after that. Maureen waited about for some plastic surgery. Hurley was found most nights partying in the roughest of bars. Swabb just mulled over what they had done and tried to make sense of it.

It clicked two days later when all the news channels reported that Mega City 1 was in quarantine. Some deadly plague or other was loose on the streets and was turning everybody into crazed killers. The judges seemed to be abandoning large swathes of the city. The death toll was in the millions.

They called it the Day of Chaos.

Swabb knew that the Misfits had played some small part in this, she just knew.


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