Mega City 1

Fly Me To The Moon
Let me play amongst the Kleggs

Fly me to the Moon.

The arrest of DeBotan goes as smoothly as it should. Five minutes after all the shooting, Tech division arrive with their staff and start processing the crime scene. DeBotan is taken into custody and a H-Wagon ships him off to a containment cell in Justice Central for further interrogation by Dredd himself.

The other tech judges have set up a temporary data centre and are stripping DeBotans computers, within minutes disabling the worms and viruses he had released and bring control back to Justice Central.

Having been patched up by the medics the senior Judges make their way back to the city. A couple of hours drive on their lawmasters gets them back within sight of the South Wall and gate 55.

The gates are wide open and streams of citizens and mutants seem to be climbing over each other to both get in and out of the city. In between them are the War Droids that were intercepted earlier, still attempting the fight the judges on the wall – the droids were slowly losing.

Judges Foe, Von Simian, Bliss and Bethesda, decided to throw their strength into controlling the flow of citizens and mutants, jumping off their bikes and applying the day stick to a number of skulls they brought order to the border crossing – in time for the customs judges to get back into place.

Even with computer control being returned to Weather Control, the ride back to Justice Central and a debriefing from Dredd was as grey and miserable as the cursed earth. It was only at the last minute that the clouds parted and a beam of sunlight lit The Grand Hall of Justice as the judges rode up the ramp to the hangar.

In the time it had taken then to drive back, Dredd had led the interrogation of DeBotan and had made enough progress to identify a link between him and his controllers – by following the money.

What was clear was that a law firm, Hertzog, Hertzog and Chaplin were indited as the go-between. Every shipment of droids and credits came through this Luna 1 law firm. Operating at the edge if Mega City jurisdiction, there were clear links between them and DeBotan.

What was not clear – who pulled their strings?

Dredd’s solution – send the squad to Luna 1 to investigate Elanor Chaplin – the junior partner whose signature appears all over DeBotans communications.

On the way to the spaceport to catch their shuttle, the judges swing by the Statue of Judgement to get updates on any surveillance and history on the Law firm, only to be turned away at the base as the Public Surveillance Unit still hadn’t recovered from being hit by one of the crashing spaceships. Making enquiries about the situation, something nagged at the back of Bethesda’s mind, and Foe asked for himself and Dredd to be advised when the bodies in the shuttle, and the owners of the shuttle are identified.

Carrying on to the spaceport the Judges make the four hour trip to the Luna 1 colony.

Luna 1 – a Mega City jointly controlled by Hondo/East Meg and Mega City 1.

It’s like Casablanca during WW2 – home to shady deals and dealers – many if the laws of MC1 can’t be upheld here, the basics of murder and violence are patrolled by the judges who often see a posting here as punishment.

Anything within the main set of domes is shared jurisdiction. There are however a large number if private habitats beyond the dome – but the only legal way on or off of the moon is controlled by Luna 1 – all orbital flights are controlled. However the private domes are just that, private – you will operate there only as guests of the private owners or corporations that control them.

Luna 1 also has a large number of lawyers who maintain a semblance of the law, using loop holes and playing one Mega City against the other.

If you wanted to hide money here, the banks operate like a fourth leg of the judiciary with their own ’Judges

Four of the Luna 1 lawmasters wait for the Judges outside the spaceport, and the Judges make their way past the warehouse to the Luna 1 Halls of Justice.

Chief Judge Vladimir Lennin meets the judges to confirm that they have the support of his judges – and to clarify that they are operating at Dredds request.

The three Mega Cities take it in turn to police this city, and normally change hands every four years. There is in place an understanding that each judicial force can carry out its legal duties during any reign of East Meg 2 or Hondo Cit, but needs to be careful not to step on the toes of whoever is currently in charge.

With this clear, copies of all intelligence held on Hertzog etc is provided.

This family firm has been based on the moon for one hundred years, with the brothers Hertzog having brought in Elanor Chaplin as a junior partner only three years ago.

Many of their clients are East Meg or Hondo citizens, with the most recent criminal case of the Hertzogs having represented a Hondo crime family accused of alien slavery and smuggling.

More often than not, if you needed protection from the law, Hertzog were the law firm to call on.

Chaplin has made a name for herself in challenging the Justice System here on Luna 1, having had nearly a dozen clients released from custody through her diligence in investigation corruption within the Justice Department – she hasn’t made friends with many of the Judges.

Hertzog also operate a system of bonded warehouses.

First thing was for the Judges to check out the Warehouse. The warehouse was the size of a small city block, and would take a team of Financial Judges to do a complete check on the stock, but a cursory check on goods signed for and released show a large gap in the records covering any transfers to MC1 in the last 48 hours.
Enough hackles on the back of your neck are raised to know that you want to come back.

Next was to visit Hertzog and see how they reacted to a visit from the Judges.

Announcing themselves to the receptionist raised the usual citizen reactions to seeing a judge – guilt, fear, an urge to run – but nothing out of the ordinary – none of the partners were available for comment as they were currently outside the dome and at their private residence some miles away on the northern plains.
A meeting was arranged for the following morning, which the Judges prepared for back at the hall of justice.

As soon as they walked back into the hall, they could tell something was wrong – and the receptionist indicated they should head to the control room immediately.

Mega City One was on the news. It was on all the news. Every channel.

Another terrorist attack, this time Germ Warfare.

MC1 had been closed down and out into quarantine. A virus was loose in the city and had already started to claim its first victims. Turning its victims crazy, the first blocks of the western sectors had been shut down tight, trying to restrict the spread.
The infected became violent, attacking and killing those around them. Already the news channels were comparing this to the Block War Infections thirty years ago – East Meg 1’s first strike if the Apocalypse War.

Thousands were already dead – and yet there would still be many more unless the Judges found a cure for … The Chaos Virus.

As the news began to sink in, our judges, isolated now on Luna 1, could feel The stares and the guilty thoughts of the Sov Judges around them. TV shows were already accusing East Meg 2 of supporting this terrorist attack on MC1, and the atmosphere in Justice Central became quite chilly.

Staying up all night to keep track of their home as its slowly destroyed by its own citizens was the only option, and as the time of their appointment with Hertzog came around, it became a necessary distraction.

The meeting at the lawyers offices proved to be frustrating – no sign of the Hertzog brothers and only Eleanor Chaplin turned up. Grilling her on the companies association with Soviet terrorists, and recent activity with DeBotan, Chaplin showed no awareness of any wrong doing, and the lie detectors held by the Judges backed up her claims.

Without playing all their cards and letting her know they had her signature on financial transfers between her company and Valentin Vaselov and from Vaselov to DeBotan – the Judges decided to bring the interview to an end, on the agreement that they would visit the Hertzog brothers at their private Dome on the following morning.

As the Judges left the building, a scream from around the side of the building pierced the thin Luna air. Rushing to the scene, the judges came across a young woman, on her knees pawing at a hole in a neighbouring building – a fresh bloody trail was enough to confirm that some young victim had been dragged to his death.

Calling in support, Judges Foe, Bliss and Bethesda gave chase, and found their way through a basement level, and into a series of natural caverns – the blood trail lit up under the low light visors of their helmets, and Bethesda carried out a Psi scan of whatever was making the horrible screeching sound always just ahead of them – whatever it was it’s mind was full of blood and animal lust.
Before long they found the body of the young victim – whatever beast had killed him had taken a large chunk of the boys torso – securing the crime scene the Sov judges were soon at hand, and allowed the Mega City Judges to head back to base.

Later that day – locked to the news feed from MC1 – as the Chaos Bug tore large holes in their home – only to be called away by the results of the young boys autopsy and confirmation that the beast that killed him was a Klegg.

Kleggs are a military army for hire that are paid in blood – usually the tool of any group trying to overthrow a regime.

Finding them in close proximity to Hertzog – and Hertzog suspected involvement in the current attack on Mega City 1, was enough to investigate this further.

A Frendz® Mob Interlude
Return of the Misfits

The Misfits, a Frendz® Mob gang are back together. Only hours after escaping the nuclear explosion which destroyed Iso Block 23 and the Cursed Earth Science station, the gang are picked up by Muties in the employ of the Frendz and taken to a place of safety where they can be patched up.
During their treatment, a disembodied voice of one of the Frendz bosses tells them how disappointed he is in them, one last chance blah blah blah, but what perks their interest is that Dieter Swabb is to be replaced as team leader with some newb, Danny Page!
Page walks into the room and takes over with aplomb. As he delivers instruction on their next job – a break in and planting of a computer virus in an secure setting – the team grow drowsy and just as they realise they’ve been gassed they pass out.
They wake in a coffin. A violently shaking coffin. A coffin that feels like its falling from the sky. A coffin with a LED Display? Ok. An escape pod with an LED display that does seem to indicate that they are falling from a very great height. A sub-orbital height.
Page is piloting a large spacecraft that is plummeting from the stars. Sirens are blaring and distress beacons are being broadcast – and from what can be gathered from the comms in front of them, they are but one of the hundreds of star liners, cruise ships and cargo shuttles falling from the sky and crashing into MC1 below. Hundreds of thousands are dead or dying in the flames below. It’s like the city is being bombarded by an alien attack force.
From what you can gather a computer virus has brought nearly all Judicial systems to a halt. Traffic, weather control, sanitation and power – and Air Traffic Control.
Your ship has been hidden amongst all these craft, as if this distraction has been caused just for this job.
You assume DeBotan – the man you were supposed to kill, Is behind this.

Your ship is falling from the sky and in the last few seconds as you see the city racing up towards you, you realise that you seem to be targeting the largest structure in the city – the Statue of Justice.

You crash into the side of the building, and the concussion knocks you out. As you come too, you realise your coffin lid has opened, and you crawl out. Everyone looks shaken and disoriented – until you realise not all of you have made it – the coffin of Frank O’Hare is lying open, but the liquid mess that fills the coffin is all that is left of “The Tank”.

Filing out of the craft, Hurley quickly hacks a terminal and gets the lie if the land – the server room they need is two floors below their current position and only poorly manned – the chaos out on the streets has heavily depleted the number of judges in the building.

Locking off the staircase and the approach to the server room the gang set about creating a distraction which will direct the judges away from their position, and within minutes are outside of the server room. With only one guard left behind, Swabb snuck up behind him, gassed the tech judge without being seen and they had free access to the room.
Activating a self destruct magnetic pulse bomb on the craft they arrived on shut down all power to the section of the statue they were in – three minutes before back up power could reboot the servers was just enough time to install a corrupted module to the rack.

As far as Hurley could tell they were in a server room that controlled Port Authority and Immigration control – obviously someone wanted to get someone or something into or out if the city under the noses of the judges.

With the virus installed and the power back up, it was time to get out of there – all the locks they’d put in place earlier had been reset by the pulse. The only way out was down – through an armoury and to a Hangar Bay two floors down.

Activating some tutorial war droids in the armoury, attracted any of the judges guarding the hangar bay, and hurriedly wearing some discarded uniforms found lying about, the gang bluffed their way past some lowly tech on the hangar bay floor and gained access to a H Wagon, and were heading north of the city as the last of the star liners crashed to earth.

Taking refuge in a Frendz® safe house in Haven township the gang finally paused for breath. Just long enough for Page to threaten them with exposure if they breathed a word of what happened today. They had been paid well enough to keep them quiet for a week and that’s just what they’d do.

Page disappeared shortly after that. Maureen waited about for some plastic surgery. Hurley was found most nights partying in the roughest of bars. Swabb just mulled over what they had done and tried to make sense of it.

It clicked two days later when all the news channels reported that Mega City 1 was in quarantine. Some deadly plague or other was loose on the streets and was turning everybody into crazed killers. The judges seemed to be abandoning large swathes of the city. The death toll was in the millions.

They called it the Day of Chaos.

Swabb knew that the Misfits had played some small part in this, she just knew.

Magic Kingdom

More detail to follow.

The Judges corner deBotan in the control centre of the abandoned theme park, and battle through the final war droids protecting him, arriving just as the assassins enter the room. A fight breaks out, and the judges make short work of the assassins, and arrest DeBotan.

The virus that he is using to close off all Judicial systems is counter acted by Judge Simian, and enough evidence is gathered from DeBotans computers to indicate that he was just a pawn in this terrorist attack, and his orders came from a law firm on Luna 1, the moon colony.

Evidence also suggested that the weapons supplied to DeBotan where supplied by a Russian arms dealer Valentina Vasiliev

Dredd sugests that the next step is to investigate the money link with the law firm of Hertzog, Hertzog and Chaplin.

Time to head to the shuttle.

Bad Science

As the city’s tech systems grind to a halt, space ships crashing from the skies and millions dying in the rubble of a terrorist atomic bomb, DeBotan leaves the city. Judges Simian and Void head off to track his exact location using the information they gathered from his last appearance.
Judge Bethesda made a call to Prof O’Hagan of Psi Division and was informed that some experimental weapons were still in the half destroyed science lab caught in the first terror attack on the Iso Block.

The remaining judges caught a H Wagon out to the blast zone and drove their law masters off the craft and reached the now derelict science lab.

Little drifts of smoke were drifting over the melted and twisted shield door, bodies strewn about the floor. One survivor, Doctor Brown, stayed alive long enough to warn of the loose experiments on the second level and that the Psi Tech was on the fourth level.

The third floor was still on fire and it seemed that it was only the lift car that was preventing the lowest floor from being flooded. Judge Foe managed to shift the car enough to raise the water level on the third level and put out the fire before the four judges climbed down the pitch black shaft.

Attacked by cursed earth rats, the judges were lashed at by some sort of silicon based xenomorph, before discovering a whole floor of blue cloned soldier bodies hanging like meat at an abattoir. Blasting their way through the lift floor seemed the last straw the sci lab could take. Sirens blared and shields started shutting down the shaft locking the judges in the deepest level with a five minute countdown to self destruct.

Just enough time for the four clones to scour the floor and pick up some nice tech.

Judge Bliss found three bio chips for her cyber implant, they seemed to be experimental skill chips. Foe picked up four psi concussion grenades and a Psi blocking machine which also seems to have some sort of time shift potential.

Finally Bethesda finds the teleport belt – which allows for easier, quicker and further teleport jumps. This should allow to keep up with DeBotan or get ahead of him.

Teleporting out of the science lab, just in time to see it implode behind them, the clones got back on their bikes and headed south to catch up with Simian and Void.

Having trailed the signal to an abandoned theme park in the old atomic war bombed out south sectors, the clones arrived in time to see a convoy of trucks leave the compound.

It seems that the tricks are loaded up with crate after crate of war droids, thousands if them by the number of trucks, heading to the city.

Attempting to call justice central on their radios failed, and making a judgement call, the clones decided to put trackers on the trucks and sent a message capsule to Justice Central advising them of the imminent attack.

Deciding that the removal of DeBotan should cut the head off this robotic snake the clones turned to find an entrance to the Theme Park.

As they did, a small ship glided in overhead. A Hondo City craft, small, heavily armoured and stinking if private military.

Judging that DeBotan still holds data and evidence of his financial backers, and that those people have had enough of his failed attempts at destroying MC1, Simian puts two and two together deems that this was DeBotans bosses method of removing the problem terrorist.


Going Underground Part 2

Helmet comms begin to stutter into life as the zoom passes under the Western Wall and the clones are once again back in Mega City One, even if they are stuck in a run-away zoom, with a nuclear device, and facing down the latest military droids that money can buy.

Crate after crate on this zoom bursts open with Hammersteins, Spider Droids and Blackblood war machines, and shot after shot from the Judges lawgivers ring out and the explosions in this enclosed space cause their helmet visors to flash black to protect their vision.

Finally they dispatch the last war droid, and jettison the last attached carriage, and face an empty engine compartment.

Judge Bethesda puts a hand to his head as something buzzes on the psionic plane, moments before the physical blast of displaced air momentarily staggers the clones, and at the end of the carriage, a man appears.

The force of his appearance has buckled the walls and floor around the man, and the air seems to shimmer, as a force field his extruded to enclose the bomb. The man, standing about 1.7m, wrapped in a black billowing cloak, his face uncovered, but though the judges helmet surveillance, is concealed by some cloaking technology.

Judge Liefield steps forward " Alain DeBotan, you are under arrest for crimes against the city, the murder of 1000 citizens, the death of thirty judges on the Atlantic Wall, and anything else we can find to accuse you with"

“Don’t make me laugh. You cannot touch me, let alone arrest me. You know me by touch and my reach, you may have foiled my attack by sea, but I will rain death on this city. This is only the beginning, a feint within a feint…”

At this point something distracts, DeBotan and although he is silent, it’s obvious he is talking to somebody, and that somebody isn’t happy with him, and it would be fair to assume, that DeBotan may just be a pawn in someone else’s game.

And then he’s back in the room… “Today you die, Judges…”

And with another sonic clap of air filling a void, he is gone.

Von Simian leaps forward to the bomb, but it becomes clear that he has no way of breaching the force field. Turning their attention to the Zoom controls, whatever has locked down the bomb, is also locking down the train.

Ten minutes from Penn & Teller station, and eleven minutes from the largest nuclear explosion within MC1, since the Atomic Wars.

With no way off the zoom, no way of disarming the bomb, Bethesda closes his eyes and begins to concentrate, his nose bleeds as he screams, and the bomb, and its force field shimmer, and wink out of existence – Bethesda has attempted to teleport the bomb out of the city, but his gut tells him that he hasn’t been successful.

Somewhere above them is a bomb, and its about to blow.

Five minutes later, at 06:55 on the 13th of July 2113, an explosion, a mile under city bottom of Sector 13, opens up a crater 2km across, which swallows up twenty city blocks and two million citizens. Justice Central emergency services step up their response and are on the scene in minutes. The devastation is total, by 07:30, contracts are assigned to various international organisations and the robotic re-building of Sector 33 begins.

Even as the the city is being shaken by the latest terror attack, and the news of the explosion at the cursed Earth Iso Block, the clone Judges step out from Penn & Teller station in sector 88, the roads and meg ways out of the city are full of traffic, everything on wheels has come to a standstill.

Reports from Traffic control indicate that they have lost control of the computerised traffic systems.

A panicked voice breaks in over the comms – the same virus that has attacked road traffic, has also infected Space Traffic Control.

Even as the comms crackle out, the first ball of fire falls from the sky. Space craft without control, were falling from the sky, shuttles, cargo craft, private passenger ships, were dropping like stones, and where they fell on the city, they were destroying whole blocks.

And then the first of the cruise liners in geo stationary orbit above the city fell. Three of the six ships of the White Star Line were unable to break free from MC1 computer controls fell to earth. Liners the size of city blocks themselves, screamed through the atmosphere, breaking up as they fell, one into the Black Atlantic, another against the Western Wall, causing a three kilometre breach, the third landed in the middle of Sector 88.

That nuclear blast of half an hour ago, and the two million that died, were the lucky ones that morning.

By the time the last of the star ships had crashed to earth, another four million citizens across the city had lost their lives.

Chaos ruled the streets. All of the resources of the Justice Department were concentrating on cleaning up this mess. All the heavy lifting power of H-Wagons were in use, the Pat Wagons were rushing the injured to whichever medical facility was available, every judge that survived the initial onslaught, were pulling citizens from the flames and the rubble.

For a moment the city held it’s breath.

And with the judges backs turned, the citizens were the first to react.

Block War.

Terror Attack on Cursed Earth Iso Block 23
There's no getting off the Rock.

At 06:00 on the 13th of July 2132 a terrorist attack against Iso Block 23 took place.

It is with great regret that Justice Department can confirm the death of sixty four judges, and seventy thousand (70,000) prisoners. The families of all those involved have been informed.

During the foiled attempt to blow up the Atlantic Wall by the Sons of the Constitution, a lone terrorist planted and activated a substantial nuclear device, deep in the service tunnels which served the prison.

Justice Department is following a number of leads, and are on the hunt for two suspects. Any citizen with any information on the following should report directly to Judge Pal. Anyone found to be withholding information will serve a three year sentence for obstructing the law in carrying out it’s duty.

Suspect 1 – Hurley Spolde, computer tech and explosives expert. 175cm, IC3 male, early twenties.

Suspect 2 – Alain DeBotan, hacker. No physical description

UPDATE – Tech Division have detected the use of teleport technology at the bomb site. Professor Richard O’Hagan of the nearby Science Station is on site providing technical backup. O’Hagan is Justice Departments Dimensional and Teleport lead.

UPDATE – O’Hagan has narrowed the search for the terrorists escape route ….

The following information is classified Top Secret – Senior Judge level only

(The following is relayed to you by Judge Dredd in association with your investigations)

Top Secret Update – O’Hagan has come to the conclusion that Justice Department computers at his science station have been under attack by an unknown entity for the last two years. It seems that the teleport technology he has been working on has been compromised, and the experiments he has been running with test subjects from the Iso Block, have been interfered with, not in every instance, but in a significant number of instances.

Early evidence indicates that during the test teleport runs, copies of the subjects have been made, and substituted for the originals.

Up to thirty convicts may have escaped from the Iso Block in that time, the originals getting away to a location nearby from where the Mae West Muties operate from, the copies being sent back to the Iso Block – and now dead.

Details of those escapees to follow.

Details of the suspected hackers to follow

UPDATE – Further compromises to Science Station – among the items stolen were a prototype teleport belt – which would reduce the effects of teleporting at speed or with large weights. Also missing are Psi amplifiers. These items are designed to work in tandem.

Prog 3 Patrol
Going Underground

Returning to the sector house the clones were notified by Tech Division that the surveillance the freight zoom train that had been behaving erratically at the time of the radiation warning at the Tech Bazaar, has been attempting to contact the frequencies being monitored in trying to trace the financing for the sniper attack on the Chief Judge.

Data seems to show that the calls are being routed through Bermuda and the residence of Valentina Vasiliev and through a Hondo Cit finance company on Luna 1, Andrea Carretero Sierra being the name that was flagged up.

Further surveillance of Sierra is requested by the Chief Judge and Luna 1 judges are put on the case, and at your disposal.

Meanwhile, the final destination of the comms is back here in MC1, but still unable to pinpoint the location. Tech Division seem to be convinced that the interference on the line is dimensional in nature, if anything, the final destination may not even be in this reality.

All that leaves, is an investigation of the zoom itself.

The clones board a hov wagon, and speed out of the city, en-route, information trickles through that there was some sort of fire fight at the junk yard, the final stop for the zoom, the train started back up, and heading back to the city.

The H-wagon matches the speed of the zoom, and lowers the judges onto the roof of the rear carriage, and they cut their way into the carriage, moments before it enters the first set of tunnels under the Great Salt Beds of old Chi town, only an hour or so before it is due at Penn & Teller station.

Even as the Judges cut their way into the train, something rocks the train further forward, and as the light disappears at the tunnel mouth behind them, a shock-wave rumbles through the earth, and a burst of static over their comms. Seconds later, as Liefield kicks the door in, the first horrific reports of a bomb attack against Cursed Earth Iso Block 23 begin to trickle through.

Judge Von Simian pauses for a moment to tackle the onboard computers, trying to light up their way, and is physically thrown from the computer – this is something physical that has taken over the train, and no skill of his can wrest the control from whoever is now driving this train. With no control over the zoom, all that is clear, is that there is a strong atomic signal coming from the front of the train – all they had to do was get there.

Training kicked in for the street judges, and they swept quickly up the carriage, covering each other, Judge Foe taking point, silence falling over them, just the rumble of the zoom, the whoosh of the mag lev track below them, and a steady pounding from further up, which indicated that the zoom may have taken damage during the fire fight.

It was in pausing to determine where this may be, that the first scuttling sounds came from the darkness ahead. Out of the shadow, small robotic spiders sprang forth, dozens of them, crawling over the floors, walls and ceilings, chittering to themselves and eachother, probing, targeting, and heading straight for the clones.

Void was first to her lawgiver, and blew the first droid to pieces. Bliss did the same, while they targeted the next droids, the first targets began to audible tick – and self destructed, taking another passing droid with it. Another wave of the spiders crawled from the shadows.

The judges just opened up, firing at any target, and seconds later had dealt with all twenty four of the things. Von Simian maaged to grab one, and momentarily pause the self destruct, and sent it back the way it had come, and into the path of six war droids.

The war droids were more heavily armoured, but were only firing slugs. One or two shots got through the judges armour, but even the war droids posed little risk. It wasn’t until they got to the third carriage, and the plasma shooting mark three droids rolled out of the shadows, that the clones broke out into a sweat.

Judge Void snapped first, and fired off two hi-ex shots, taking out the droids, but tearing large holes in the carriage too. The force field holding the zoom together, and preventing anything loose in the tunnels from hitting it, pulsed purple below their feet, and the last of the droids in this carriage slipped into the hole, and bounced noisily along the base of the carriage until it exploded somewhere behind them.

Then the sirens and the strobe lights started, and a calm, mechanical voice anoouced that this car had been comprimised and was being disconnected. The judges leaped across the deadly gap and ran for the next compartment, Von Simian and Liefield barely making it, and sliding under the compartnment door as it slammed shut, leaving them on what should be the second last compartment.

Private Diary of Dieter Swabb
A Frendz ® Mob Interlude

Prog 3.5 – intermission.

While the Judge clones are fighting their way through the freight zoom, we flashback to the moment when the rad counter at the Brand Block Tech Bazaar went off.

Four people step from an unremarkable Hov car, one of which carries a briefcase, chained to her wrist.

As unremarkable as the car from which she stepped, Swabb is everything but. Lithe, eyes piercing each and every cit that passes her on their route through the Bazaar. She conducts herself like the corporate soldier that she is.

She knows little of her three colleges, pausing only to confirm their identity when the driver of the car picked them up at the port ten minutes earlier, in contact with her tech support, through vid feeds, audio and telepresence, the faces and fingerprints of the three Sons of the Constitution, a splinter terror group of the Pro Democracy movement.

Swabb has Frendz. Mega City One’s home grown crime syndicate. It’s dispersed nature, as lethal as terror cells in their own right. Between the various Frendz organizations they had the larger portion of illegal activities in MC1 sewn up. Sex, drugs, rock and roll memorabilia, if you wanted sugar and caffeine, 3% of every cred you spent went to line the pockets of the Friendz.

But Swabb is here today for something else. Removing loose ends.

The Frendz are supplying four nuclear bombs, small but nasty bombs, to Alan DeBotan.

DeBotan has been a useful tool for the Frendz over the last sixteen years, but has grown too powerful, and is now to be taken out. Swabb has been witness to much of DeBotan’s usefulness – he has a way with robots, able to control, override and disable anything with a mechanical brain.

Swabb was present at the last meeting between Sector 44 Frendz chairman, Oscar Foxtrot and DeBotan, when his request for the nuclear material was made. He had the money, that wasn’t an issue, and the Frendz owed him a favor.

Swabb is Foxtrots right hand woman. When anything needs to be done, Swabb is there before Foxtrot realizes he needs anything done. For years Swabb has been the liaison between The Frendz and DeBotan, but tonight that must end.

The Frendz have been using DeBotan to aid the escape of prisoners from a cursed earth Iso Block 23, and DeBotan’s current activity puts the Frendz business at risk, at risk mostly of being discovered by the Judges and hundreds of criminals currently free being forced to return to the cubes.

DeBotan wants the Atlantic Wall attacked by the bombs, the Sons of the Constitution are to attack from the seaward side, and Swabb is to attack the wall from inside, by parking a zoom train under the wall at Penn & Teller station.

Swabb’s plan is to kill two dog vultures with one las blast.

Swabb will take the bomb to Iso Block 23, knowing full well that DeBotan wont be able to let them get away with not implementing his plan. He has grown too arrogant to let the Frendz betray him.

In preparation, the frendz have reopened a long abandoned access tunnel from the Iso Block to the Mag lev rail station at the abandoned Spaceship Junk Yard leading to the nearby Iso Block.

A small section of the tunnel has been shielded to prevent DeBotan’s Psi teleport ability from working, and it is here that Swabb will lay his trap.

A single use teleport pad has been prepared with a random destination programmed.

DeBotan will not be able to use his psi abilities to escape. There is no tech, computer or lighting circuit in the tunnels, for DeBotan to use against them.

All they need do is lead him on a merry chase through a Junk Yard, a series of Tunnels. and let off a nuclear bomb underground to destroy all the evidence that the Frendz have done anything wrong.

What can go wrong.

Swabb has pulled together a team of experts to aid her in this.

Brother and Sister double act, the O’Hares, both violent criminals, with Jessica having a crush on Swabb.

Hurley – a tech wizard who should be able to keep DeBotans long range reach from swatting them like flies.

Larry Davis, a tech based safe cracker and

Maureen – the best Fixer in the business, and being groomed to take over from Swabb when she retires – Maureen has contacts and business dealings that produce miracles.

Swabb has arranged for the team to be waiting on an abandoned zoom platform under the Tech Bazaar.

All they know, at the moment, is that they will be detonating a nuclear bomb, the target isn’t clear.

The team are in audio and visual contact with Swabb, as she enters the Tech Bazaar.

Prog 3 Crime Briefing


Operation Marmaduke – C Watch, Judge Able Carter, advises that the Lucy LaMore case has implicated Sector House Tech Division in the surveillance of City Hall officials. Sector SJS teams have been called in to interrogate the entire tech division. Be aware that delays and support for tech related calls may be un available for the next six hours.

Operation Total Judging – commitment to have more patrols, more visible Judge presence, and to cut down on personal crime in sector. Targeting violent criminals, rather than white collar crime. Each patrol has targets of violent criminals to arrest, Tappers, street robbers.
This also involves drug crime

UPDATE Media coverage of the 2T(FRU)T SkyBoard attack is returning positive citizen approval – Justice Central want to take advantage of this and will be sending a media team to interview the clones. Make yourself available for a ten minute piece to camera.

UPDATE Mass suicide at the League of Fatties protest, saw 50 ex pro eaters leap from the Billy Buster over sked and land on a school Hov bus. 375 people are dead, as the bus, and the fatties, went through the Wagner Meg Way safety barrier, and crashed into the Church of the Latter Day Taints.

Update Traffic Control on the Wagner Meg Way has halted traffic north and south. This traffic delay is expected to last six hours while repairs take place. All justice traffic has been rerouted, all civilian traffic has been halted. Watch out for Mopad rage. Judges will also take this opportunity to do a Vehicle to vehicle crime sweep.

Operation Corporate Manslaughter

Ongoing investigation into incompetence in business

ITEM – Another round of Job Interviews at Resyk is expected this week. Announcement of the lucky individual who will get the job is expected next week. Expect unrest at the temporary camp site outside of Resyk. Reports of backlog of wet work at Resyk are coming in.
UPDATE It appears that there is some difficulty in getting the belts working again. All fresh bodies to be rerouted to Resyk in neighbouring sectors.

Reported levels of crime.

The Mae West muties picnic at the municipal park is today, out near the space port. Be on the look out for a back lash from the anti-mutant leagues failed sniper attack. All leave has been cancelled, and a double shift is expected from B and C watch as they provide cover for this event. Update – there appears to be a some collusion between the mutie picnic organisers and the violent disturbance at the No Jacket Required Bar earlier tonight. Confessions from those arrested indicate that the picnic may be a distraction for a mutie retaliation against the AML.

ITEM Murder. The Jack Daw Murders. Judge Ola People has identified fifteen recent murders that have now been attributed to this copy cat killer. Still no suspects.

Further outbreaks of gang violence at Tesla Block plaza in the last half hour. Rival block gangs en route.

Sector 75 Wally Squad reports that over 100 juves were caught in the crossfire on the Atlantic Wall earlier tonight, mistaken for zombies.

Time to get out there and bring the law to the streets.

Be careful out there.

Prog 2 Patrol
Surf's up

Following on from the interogation of Lincoln Wshington, Tech Judge Von Simian had a contact of his monitor what exactly was going on in the Brand Block Tech Bazaar. Concentraing their investigation on a shop, called Vasally, which is run by a citizen, Eugeny Sidrov. Sidrov is a refugee of East Meg 2, accepted in post the Atomic War. The only details PSU have on this cit, he has an uncle, Valentina Vasiliev, a known gun runner and go-between for the Russian mob, now retired to a private villa in Bermuda. It’s been long suspected that Valentina may have been using his nephew, to gain entry to MC1, but no evidence has ever presented itself.

Sidrov himself is a competent robotics expert, and may be a link to Alain DeBotan or even DeBotan himself.

During the course of this surveillance, Geiger Detectors were triggered at the entrance to the Bazaar, moments before all surveillance within the bazaar was cut off. Von Simian’s contact seemed to be able to keep his cameras up for five minutes longer than Justice Department and was able to witness a robot attack at one of the smarter department stores at high level, and also, the four gentlemen with the ‘hot’ briefcase enter Sidrov’s shop, then leave minutes later, and depart through the tunnel systems below the block.

Street Division stopped the car that the four perps had used, and tech Division confirmed that there was enough background radiation to spark a very large bomb.

Judge Gregor Bethesda, during this, had a major Psi flash that whatever was going on in the building was either a trap or a dead end, and even as the Judges rolled off on their Lawmasters, was still seeing visions of an explosion at sea.

Putting two and two together, Bethesda convinced the group that the target they were really looking for was either at sea, or near it, and someting about the surveillance tapes of the No Jacket required bar at the Atlantic sea wall was concerning him.

PSU sent out an alert that Phil Platohad just been seen entering the bar, and as he was supposed to be locked up, this was where they should be next.

As they pulled up to the bar, radio chatter showed that the Bazaar had indeed been a dead end, no sign of the perps, only a few citizens dead in the droid attacks, and the Bazaar was back open for business. PSU also sent out an alert about an illegal SkySurf run that was in progress down the coast at sector 175, which should be reaching their current location within the next quarter of an hour.

Within moments of entering the bar, it was obvious that something was going on in the Shuggy hall below them, three thugs with makeshift weapons were threatening two guys in the shadow of the balcony. The three thugs were identifiable by the gang tats as being members of the Anti Mutant League, and seemed pissed off with whoever was in the shadows. Shots were fired, and the Judges leaped into action, Judge Void firing the first shot and knocking down one of the perps, Judge Bliss the other, and with the commanding voice of Judge Liefield ringing out through the bar, the third thug dropped his weapon and surrendered.

Something happened then, all in a split second. A flash of lightening from the approaching storm lit up the room, and a peel of thunder rattled the three storey atlantic wall windows of the Shuggy Hall, all in the same instant that the glass exploded in and a SkyBoard crashed through the wall. Everything went dark and the screams and shouts of the patrons backing out of the room, fought with the sound of the approaching storm and the lashing acid rain now burning holes in the pool tables. From the mess of glass and SkyBoard on the ground, the rider groaned, rushing to check if they were alright, Judge Liefield pulled himself back at the last minute as the rider lurched to their feet – only with their head twisted fully around and near hanging off, and with a hissing deathly rattle screamed Tooty Fruity at the judges and lurched forward – pausing only for a moment to wonder who had found traces of the 2T(Fru)T plague, liefield fired a high ex into it’s head, noting just before it blew up, that it seemed remarkably well dressed for a zombie.

Even as the pieces of the dead body still squirmed on the floor, comms from central overrode the helmet radios – The Sons of The Constitution had taken over three cruise ships and had armed them with atomic bombs, and where now steaming toward the Atlantic wall intent on causing maximum destruction. H-Wagon scouting of the ships revealed nothing – no lights, no heat signatures, just high levels of radiation from some hastily put together bomb. As the H-wagon swooped lower to investigate some anomalous movement in the shadow of the bow, radio contact was momentarily lost and for the brief moment it returned there was static, explosions and one phrase "Zombies – three thousand zombies on sky-boards, heading your way, repeat … " and then they were gone.

Within minutes, visual confirmation that there were indeed thousands of SkyBoards heading from the ships, in waves ahead of them, with people, obviously the passengers, as hostages. Only once they were within a km of the wall, was it obvious that they were all plague victims.

The judges answered the call to provide additional support for their section of the Atlantic Wall, parking their bikes near Watchtower 13, they oversaw the tech teams manning the long range laser cannon. Over the sound of the overheating cannon, reports of the numbers of targets being hit were called out, along with the estimated time to landfall. With each chug of the cannons, the SkyBoards and their zombie passengers got closer, 500m, 350m, it was obvious that the cannons were not going to do the job. Still over three hundred of the creatures were still standing.

The clones just stared.




Something snapped in Judge Void, she snatched her Lawgiver and ran to the edge of the watchtower railing and started firing Hi-Ex into the remaining swarm of dead people. Knocking only a few from their boards, her action was enough to knock sense into the others. She made a note to have a word with them back at Sector House about their combat readiness. The five other Judges joined her on the balcony and started to fire. The remainder of the watchtower staff grbbed whatever weapons were handy and fired. Still the zombies were coming.



They were on the wall. There were about 50 of the damned left against a dozen Judges. It took less than a minute to wipe them out.

Calls came in up and down the wall. The SkyBoarding zombies had been dealt with. It would only be the following day when they realised that 150 of those victims were youngsters, caught in the cross fire on their illegal SkyBoard race down the wall. For now, the approaching ships and their atomic bombs were what was important.

Two Holocaust Squads were put together to deal with the Boston and Washington bound ships, the clones insisted that they would be the ones to deal with the ship heading this way, and a H-Wagon met them on the pad of the Watchtower to take them to the ship.

Within minutes they were skimming the top of the lumescent waves of the Black Atlantic, the fumes from the oil fires parting in the wake of the Justice Central H Wagon. Out of the mist loomed the prow of the Queen Mary II, the ocean being torn apart by the ship doing 40 knots through the water, twelve storeys of polished metal towered above them as the H-Wagon circled the craft once.

On board detection indicated the ship had been abandoned. The engines were powering away and the wash of radioactivity from the cockpit suggested that if anyone was aboard, they wouldn’t last long, if they survived the blast. In turn all the judges reached for their belt and popped a radiation pill, and made their way to the hatch as the H-wagon set down amidships.

Stopping to deal with a few zombies who had not made it off the ship, the judges approached the two turbo lifts to the cockpit. Splitting up, Judge Von Simian overrode the locks and set both lifts to the bridge, they were expected.

Shots rang out, the bridge lit up with laser fire, and a minute later the six suspects were down, thanks to Void, Liefield and Bliss. Bethesda immediately made his way to the navigation controls and put the ship into reverse and hard to starboard, and in the long minute it took for the rapidly approaching Atlantic Wall to start to pan past the cockpit plas-glass, Von Simian made the bomb safe.

Tech Division were soon on the scene to take over and make everything safe, dropping the Judges back at the Sector House, were the garage hands once again gave them that look that said – Lawmasters – they don’t grown in a synthi-munce-vat. They would have to wait until tech returned their bikes from the No Jacket Required parking dock.


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