Mega City 1

Prog 1
Crime Briefing

Judge Hossler was already going through the briefing when the clones walked into the back of the Briefing Hall.


Operation Eagle – security for visit by Chief Judge

Operation Cueball – Anti terrorist operation. High Level and wide ranging, each sector has responsibility, looking for terrorist cells

Operation Marmaduke – Vid Star illegal tapping of communications, may have some involvement of PSU

Operation Total Judging – commitment to have more patrols, more visible Judge presence, and to cut down on personal crime in sector. Targeting violent criminals, rather than white collar crime. Each patrol has targets of violent criminals to arrest, Tappers, street robbers.
This also involves drug crime

Operation Corporate Manslaughter

Ongoing investigation into incompetence in business

Reported levels of crime.

It hotted up last night between Bateman and Bloch block juves. More fighting in the street, this time with blasters. Along with pacifying this action, any information on how they are arming themselves will go a long way.

The Mae West muties, are marching today. Freedom and rights marches, PSU are providing Surveillance, Tek division will be on standby with heavy ordnance, we need high visibility in the region of the sector secretariat building, all patrols be prepared for anything going wrong.

There are still Fatties protesting outside of the illegal eating hall we shut down last week. I don’t want this to last any longer. If they are not gone by tomorrow, break them up.

A group of Grannies where tapping cits on the skedways last night, descriptions will be sent to your vehicles.

Skinheads were causing trouble at Charles Arthur Block, more reports of underground explosions at Nikola Tesla block and yet another illegal sky surf board run along the Atlantic wall last night. It shows up gaps in our patrols, we don’t want any illegal,immigrants using our own gaps in intelligence against us.

Time to get out there and bring the law to the streets.

Be careful out there.

Briefing From Sector Chief
Keep Safe Out There

Ahh, my latest recruits.

You don’t know me yet.

I am a stickler.

A stickler for dress. For conduct, for the correct administration of the law.

A bad attitude to one betrays a bad attitude to the others.

I will not tolerate a bad attitude.

You are here because Chief Judge Franscisco thinks the city needs more clones. All I know is that this city needs good judges, and all of you come from good judging stock. Do not besmirch that history.

You are here for one reason.

To serve the law.

Only a few are chosen, a special few. I know of no greater honour than to serve as a judge of Mega City one, it is a privilege granted to only a few, but it is a privilege that we must earn and continue to earn.

You will carry out your duties here in sector 88, and in the course of your duty you will serve the Chief Judge and Myself to the best of your ability.

We have rid this sector of the crime lords, the drug dealers and the slave traders that have sullied this sector for years, but nature abhors a vacuum. There are criminal elements waiting to charge in and take over, in that moment, as the balance of power shifts, we expect the terrorists you are charged with seeking out and destroying, will need to surface, regroup and form new alliances.

This is the gap in their armour by which you will strike.

Whatever support this sector can give you, we will provide. Central has also agreed to give you extra ordinary support – see that you don’t abuse it.

Now dismissed, report to Judge Hossler at 06:00 hours, you are on A Watch, Judge LaFrance’s your commander.

Hot Dog Run

Three days out of Mega City 1, the cadets were finally fitting into the saddles of their law masters. Sixteen hour days in the saddle took their toll, and any opportunity to stretch their legs and walk for a bit was welcomed.

They passed small mutie communities and the first of a series of the northern Iso Blocks that held the most serious of criminals from the city, guarded by a handful of judges and mostly Mechanismo robots. But they stuck to the hills and the dry river valleys to keep all sight of the Tec Division equipment they were towing, and made as good time as possible in the Cursed Earth.

The only curious incident was a Mutie that walked into their camp one night, who introduced himself as Cyclops Joe, a quick scan by Cadet Bethesda ensured them he meant no harm, and that maybe his pre-cog abilities may even help them out – this was not to be the case. Joe kept to himself and wandered off into the desert, with a cheery wave and an offer of help at anytime the Judges were passing by.

The next stop was Science Station 106, where they dropped off their package to Professor Richard O’Haganand his team of scientist, who advised them of the escape of three criminals they had been treating.

It turned out that the transport the mutants were using to get back to Cursed Earth Iso Block 23 had it’s robot driver overpowered by an unknown group of mutants, who engineered the escape of the three killers, who made their way, under instruction, to spaceship junkyard on the edge of the old lakes.

Steptoe Spaceship JunkyardWas the size of a city sector, kilometre after kilometre of junked ships, cruise liners, alien warships, with thousands of places to hide. The wner gave the judges as much support as he could and directed them to one of the more recent ships that seemed to be in good enough condition to take off.

The cadets cornered the perps within a shuttle, quickly disposed of the three robots they had hacked together to provide any support, and when on ordering them to stand down, the perps opened fire, two of the murders, Ben “Bones” McCoyand Terry Collins were incinerated in the course of the arrest of Ismael.

There wasn’t much evidence recovered from the robots, a serial number with the name Content Not Found: alain-debotan and a group called Knights Simon Templar

The only other information gathered from interrogating Ishmael was that he didn’t want to go back to that Iso Cube and claimed that the science station was experimenting on prisoners.

Welcome to Mega City 1
You are the law

Time line
– 2104 – Block War – Apocolypse War 400 Million dead
– 2105 Rebuilding the city
– 2106 Invention of time machine
– 2107 Attack of Dark Judges
– 2108 Democracy takes hold
– This campaigns clones are created in MC1 following
success of Kraken/Rico Age 5
– 2109 More democracy riots Chopper competes in super surf 10
– 2110 Cloning of the Juddah judges in Oz
– 2111 Dredds clone, Kraken becomes a full judge
– Clones take first term exams
– 2112 Dredd is replaced by Kraken when he takes the long walk.
Necropolis, the Dark Judges attack, Kraken is killed by dredd
– 2113 More democracy issues
– 2114 Sabbat and the zombies – MC2 is nuked?
– 2115 Mechanismo introduced to replace cloning
– Clones take second term exams
– 2116 McGruder resigns
– 2117 Judge Dredd becomes sector chief of 301 The Pit
– 2118 The Pit
– 2119 The Pit
– Clones take third term exams and Hot Dog Run
– 2120
– 2121 Orlok kidnaps judge dredd
– 2122 Rico – another Fargo clone is made full judge,
transferred from Texas city
– 2123 Parallel dimension Judge Cal attacks
– Clones take full eagle and start life as judges
– 2124 Orlok attacks again, and is executed
– 2125 Judge Death escapes
– 2126 Total War terrorists attack with nuclear bombs
– 2127 Half Life plague
– Our clones gain a level
– 2128 Ciudad Bararquilla MC1 put puppet chief judge in charge
by regime change
– 2129 Crackdown on Mutants outside MC1
– 2130 Mutants given rights to live in MC1 –
– 2131 Current year, Chief Judge Dan Franscisco in charge
– Our clones gain a final level


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