Valentina Vasiliev

Sov Block Weapons Expert


Valentina used to run with the Russian mob – until they took his legs away. But his skill with bombs, guns and things that cause death, ensured that he never was short of money – money which he uses to pay the rent on his cyborg legs.

If you need to know about a tank, where to buy an untraceable Lawgiver or how far you need to get away from a suitcase nuclear bomb and still not lose your head – Valentina’s the man.

Valentina lives outside MC1 jurisdiction, in Bermuda rad wastes, but often makes the trip to MC1 to visit family – his nephew Eugeny Sidrov, lives and works in MC1 as a school teacher.

Update – the military droids found in the junk yard zoom train, were shipped in boxes that were consigned for Valentina, and shipped through Luna City 1.

Judges in Accounts Division confirm that although Valentin was the supplier, the credits for the transaction came from a Luna 1. Details of Andrea Carretero Sierra working for Moone, Moone and Sawyer law firm have been uncovered.

Valentina Vasiliev

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