Terry Collins

Serial Killer -DECEASED



Drive 3
Comms 1
Computers 1


Collins, like all serial killers has a modus operandi, which eventually led to his downfall. His crimes first came to light following one of the Total War terrorists nuclear explosions in the Meg, when traffic on the central slab came to a halt for the first time in thirty years. During the recovery operation two mopads were found with dead families inside of them. Further investigation linked over a dozen such findings in mopad parks, and on other major routes within MC1.

The investigation took two months to be concluded, when Collins was lulled into beliving he was in the clear and another killer had taken the fall for his crimes, when he struck one of the millions of mopads the PSU were monitoring. Judges swept in on a daring rescue, and arrested Collins mid crime. Too late to save the father of the family, but not too late for his wife and two children.

Killed by a group of cadets on their hot dog run, as he tried to escape from Iso Block 23

Terry Collins

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