Station Jetham

Member of the Anti Mutant League


Station Jetham didn’t last long at Juvie hall. Orphaned during Necropolis, and unwilling to stay still long enough for social services to help with his case, Station took with the wrong crowd very early. Cited for a number of Juvie Gang crimes, he graduated to crime, tapping. A pickpocket worth his salt. But caught and served six months.

On leaving the iso cubes, now as a man, Station returned to the only life he knew, working city bottom, and preying on the weak and innocent. Caught again for intimidation, he served three years, and is finally out and on his final warning. One more conviction and he will go to the desert work camps for twenty years.

Jetham is trying to go straight. He works when he can, lump work, clearing blockages at Resyk, cleaning jobs at bars no one in their right mind would visit, except for the Anti Mutant League. Dave’s Normal Bar, is a known hangout for the mutie haters, and some of the leaders of the league have their eyes on Jetham for their dirty work

Station Jetham

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