Judge Autumn Bliss

Street Judge


Armour 6
Day Stick 2d6


30 Standard Rounds

Ammo type Range Rapid Fire Damage Recoil Mass Magazine Weight Notes
AP Ranged (Pistol) No 4d6 1 0 3 1.5 Kg Ignore first 12 points of armour
HE Ranged (Pistol) No 5d6 2 0 3
HS Ranged (Pistol) No 4d6-3 0 0 3
IC Ranged (Pistol) No 3d6 0 0 3 +2d6 Fire damage. Burns for 1d6 rounds with 1d6 fire damage per round
RC Ranged (Pistol) 4 2d6 0 0 3
SE Ranged (Pistol) 4 4d6 0 0 30


So I find myself in possibly the most disgusting depths of Mega City, I bumped into my contact I met in my second term in the Academy. Verrick, I caught him eavesdropping somewhere he shouldn’t have been, since then he’s been a useful source of information and always know a good deal when he sees one.

I knew there was something wrong instantly when he clocked me and scurried off looking like a rabbit in headlights. The smog in the lower parts of the city teamed with the low glow of the early morning street lights made visibility pea soupish.
I heard a noise in the alley way round by the rear of the old theatre, a scuffle and voices. I moved slowly around the corner and watched two men jostling a long dark bag in to the the boarded up theatre. I followed them in, they had already trespassed, I mentally noted down the 8-20 years but I needed to know what was in the bag.

Slipping in behind them they manoeuvred the bag down into the stalls where there were 4 more men on the stage, they swung the bag up on to the stage which gave a loud thud that reverberated through the auditorium.

They began shouting, whilst they dragged this large bag across to a table in the eaves. Climbing up to the Gallery to see better. I was shocked to see a body in the now opened bag and an assortment of cryo cases around the table. Body snatching, Organ legging these guys are looking at life….

I called to them to halt and be still. The two men tinkering with the body and boxes stop, arms deep in organs. The other two on the stage pull out weapons and begin to fire, badly, toward the gallery. The two who had brought in the body ran out the way they came. I had noted their faces and I’m sure Verrick would be able to assist me if I needed.

“Cease and desist.”I called. The gun fire continued so I aimed and shot back at each…………..
………………………….. Some time later…………………….

The medics carried the two bodies of the gunmen away, one had lost a leg the other his life. This is the way things go if you break the law.
The two backstreet surgeons were looking at life, body snatching, selling organs and some illegal cloning on the side. Life won’t be easy for them.

Judge Autumn Bliss

Contact – Verrick
Enemy – Boots McFadden
Rival – Judge Amy Alison
Informer – Lucy LaMore
Rival – Dane Pearce
Rival – Sam Shade
Rival – Judge Eva Malik
Rival- Judge Maria Malik
Rival – Cole Sinclair

Judge Autumn Bliss

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