Judge Waylon Rivers

SJS Judge


Investigate 3
Interrogate 3


Judge Rivers is in line for a senior post within the SJS. He has served his city for twelve years now, and has an exemplary arrest record. His only problem is that it is all run of the mill – he needs something high profile to swing that promotion within the SJS.

That something is proving once and for all that clones are not up to the job. For years he has kept a file on Judge Joe Dredd, filing and cross referencing all the decisions that he has made, all the arrests, and most of all – all the chief Judges that he has killed in the line of duty. He will one day get his man – and he will use anyone to get there.

During Judge Liefield stint at SJS, and his clone heritage being no secret, Liefield was targeted by Rivers for a hard time in training and assignments. Rivers knew that Liefield was going to be his route to brining down Dredd, Kraken, Rico and this latest batch of clones to patrol the streets. He is going to keep a very close eye on Liefield and his clone brothers and sisters – one foot out of place…

Judge Waylon Rivers

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