Judge Peterson

Brit Cit Street Judge


During cadet Simian’s secondment in Brit Cit, Judge Albert Peterson was appointed as his official liaison. Judge Peterson at first saw this as some sort of punishment, having to babysit some Meg Judge brat, and at first the atmosphere was chilly. Simian mistook this for the famous British Stiff Upper Lip.

One of Petersons other interests lay in the traditional varsity game, known as The Wall. A game that had been played since the twentieth century and involved the opposing players from Oxford and Cambridge hacking a public firewall within time limits and physical restrictions.

Each year the varsity teams met in central Brit Cit, isolated themselves from the public, and pit their teams of hackers against each other. Cadet Simian got special dispensation, and a temporary acceptance at Maudlin College, Oxford, in order to enter the game, a favour sought by Judge Peterson. Simian broke Cambridge’s Firewall within moments, a record that none have beat to this day, and a record that Peterson is still proud to boast about.

Peterson went on to head up a worldwide secondment system for the best tech judges the planet had to offer, and as such, has landed himself as one of the most important contacts in tech circles. There is literally no competent tech that he does not know, and it is a measure of how competent a tech is y his knowledge of Peterson.

Judge Peterson

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