Judge Naismith

Psi Judge


Judge Naismith graduated from the MC1 Academy only eight years ago, and has proved invaluable to Psi Division. His skills lay in the ability to combine technology and Psionic skills, both to boost and to smother Psi skills.

Dampening fields for the Iso Cubes and interrogation cells of Justice Central were top of his list for making ten fold improvements to, on graduation.

By the end of his first year working for Psi Division, Naismith had improved the tracking equipment held by the Public Surveillance Unit used for tracking rogue Psi’s across the city, and for his next project he improved the selection tools for the Academy to enable them to spot Psi gifted children even earlier.

Then everything went quiet for Naismith. A target of the enemies of MC1, he was shuffled off into hiding for nearly three years, moved from location to location, never allowed to settle for too long – and worse for Naismith, never allowed to work on any of his thoughts and ideas.

That is, except for his notebooks. A comprehensive series f journals detailing amazing inventions, tremendous pieces of technology that looked as alien to todays technology as ours must look to residents of the last century.

Now, it is deemed that his life is safe, the last of the Sov sleeper killers have been routed out, Hondo Cit has an uneasy peace with MC1 now it owns Mega City 2, and rogue alien communities have been halted at Jupiter Customs Station, Naismith is back at work for Psi Division.

It is rumoured that he is working on a Judges uniform that gives the wearer a sixth sense, and improves reaction time.

Judge Naismith

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