Judge Luciano Pellegrinelli

Senior SJS Judge - Financial Affairs


Investigate 3
Computers 3
Admin 4



Judge Pellegrinelli is an accounts wizard. Co-opted from the Accountancy division many years ago, he quickly rose through the ranks of the SJS, able to pinpoint which judges were exposed to corruption, which were potentially vulnerable, and which were on the take.

Follow the money.

This is Pellegrinelli’s motto, and there is no financial system, be it off shore, Vatican cit or Hondo drug cartel that he cannot master, get under the skin of, and expose who is ultimately responsible for even the pettiest crime within Mega City 1.

Pellegrinelli has been responsible for putting away more Judges than he cares to think about, but always has time for his protege, Judge Liefield, who spent a year learning under his tutelage.

Judge Luciano Pellegrinelli

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