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J-VAG (Judge Void Appreciation Group)

The VAG’s have been following the exploits of Judge Void for eight years. Void’s put down of a Mutant protest march on the steps of Sector 20’s ViD Slug Studios, was seen as a positive role model for young girls, following the leaking on line of a recording of the incident by a witness in the crowd. The Vid Slug became popular for a couple of months, hitting views around 150 Million, before being knocked off the top of the Vid charts by a Klegg Hound playing a keyboard.

This wasn’t the last time that Judge Void would be Vided on duty. Very quickly a hard core group of young girls started following her around, trying to one up each other by recording her knocking heads, waving her daystick about, or shouting obscenities at some perp. The VAG’s started to show up at times before the Judges even arrived on scene, and at that point a number of them were detained and interrogated.

This seemed to drive the others even further in their attempts to meet, speak to or record Judge Void.

Soon, the VAG’s became a useful tool in the Judges utility belt, they had their ear to the ground, were often witnesses to crimes, and always knew at least one other member who could possibly help the Judge in carrying out her duties.

Once or twice the girls stepped over the line, and they were dealt with, sentenced and cubed as appropriate.


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