Hardly Wolfe

Sailor working out of Collins Black Atlantic Port


Hardly Wolfe was a ships captain, that was held responsible for a ship crashing into the Atlantic Wall. He was immediately arrested by Judge Void, and served six months in an iso cube. However, during that time the Judicial investigation of the crash revealed that Simni Corp, the owners had been negligent in maintaining their ship control mechanism, and Wolfe was freed, all charges dropped, but the stain of the accusation was harder to remove.

Wolfe never worked again as a ships captain, and struggled with lesser work for years, finally working his way up to operating his own hover tug out of Collins Sea Port as a private enterprise.

His grudge against Simni Corp and the Judge who was too quick to act is still bubbling just under the surface, and on long nights in port bars, he is a vocal judicial critic.

Hardly Wolfe

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