David Hoff

Business man


David Hoff is a successful business man. Starting with very little he made his first millions in property. Buying up land that was still radioactive after the Apocalypse war, and then buying up the companies that specialised in Rad Reduction. His Company, Half Life, was listed on the MC1 stock exchange, and overnight he went from a millionaire to a billionaire.

Not all his business have been successful. Tourist Cruises of the Black Atlantic took a nose dive when one of his ships, The Mary C, was the scene of a mass murder. A fleet of ships lay rusting in the docks for years after that.

He has fingers in a lot of pies, import export, finance, robotics. He keeps his headquarters in Sector 88 – where he first started, and has his own tower block that overlooks the Black Atlantic Wall, towering a hundred and fifty stories, with his name in lights at the top. Everyone arriving by boat knows they are near the shore when they see Hoff lighting up the night sky.

David Hoff

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