Billy Gates


Billy Gates was a boy genius. Until he started playing tic tac toe with a computer he found while surfing the dark net.

The computer turned out to be a Atomic War era government bunker sys comp, and had long ago let all it’s charges that had sought refuge in it’s under ground bunker, die of asphyxiation. For the last eighty years it had been going slowly crazy, while maintaining it’s self defence bots.

When it lost to Gates, it sent it’s bots burrowing ou from under the cursed earth to attack Mega City one. A small amount of damage to the West Wall occured, no more than a mile of it was destroyed, but the death of near one hundred judges and civilians could not be overlooked. Gates was made to pay by being brought in to work for the Justice System.

Gates developed most of the comms tech for the Judge’s Helmets and Lawmaster computers, and in particular created the SJS override for monitoring all radio communication within MC1.

Even now at 17, short sighted and spotty, he is one of the most well protected assets the Judges have.

Billy Gates

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