Mega City 1

Terror Attack on Cursed Earth Iso Block 23

There's no getting off the Rock.

At 06:00 on the 13th of July 2132 a terrorist attack against Iso Block 23 took place.

It is with great regret that Justice Department can confirm the death of sixty four judges, and seventy thousand (70,000) prisoners. The families of all those involved have been informed.

During the foiled attempt to blow up the Atlantic Wall by the Sons of the Constitution, a lone terrorist planted and activated a substantial nuclear device, deep in the service tunnels which served the prison.

Justice Department is following a number of leads, and are on the hunt for two suspects. Any citizen with any information on the following should report directly to Judge Pal. Anyone found to be withholding information will serve a three year sentence for obstructing the law in carrying out it’s duty.

Suspect 1 – Hurley Spolde, computer tech and explosives expert. 175cm, IC3 male, early twenties.

Suspect 2 – Alain DeBotan, hacker. No physical description

UPDATE – Tech Division have detected the use of teleport technology at the bomb site. Professor Richard O’Hagan of the nearby Science Station is on site providing technical backup. O’Hagan is Justice Departments Dimensional and Teleport lead.

UPDATE – O’Hagan has narrowed the search for the terrorists escape route ….

The following information is classified Top Secret – Senior Judge level only

(The following is relayed to you by Judge Dredd in association with your investigations)

Top Secret Update – O’Hagan has come to the conclusion that Justice Department computers at his science station have been under attack by an unknown entity for the last two years. It seems that the teleport technology he has been working on has been compromised, and the experiments he has been running with test subjects from the Iso Block, have been interfered with, not in every instance, but in a significant number of instances.

Early evidence indicates that during the test teleport runs, copies of the subjects have been made, and substituted for the originals.

Up to thirty convicts may have escaped from the Iso Block in that time, the originals getting away to a location nearby from where the Mae West Muties operate from, the copies being sent back to the Iso Block – and now dead.

Details of those escapees to follow.

Details of the suspected hackers to follow

UPDATE – Further compromises to Science Station – among the items stolen were a prototype teleport belt – which would reduce the effects of teleporting at speed or with large weights. Also missing are Psi amplifiers. These items are designed to work in tandem.


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