Mega City 1

Private Diary of Dieter Swabb

A Frendz ® Mob Interlude

Prog 3.5 – intermission.

While the Judge clones are fighting their way through the freight zoom, we flashback to the moment when the rad counter at the Brand Block Tech Bazaar went off.

Four people step from an unremarkable Hov car, one of which carries a briefcase, chained to her wrist.

As unremarkable as the car from which she stepped, Swabb is everything but. Lithe, eyes piercing each and every cit that passes her on their route through the Bazaar. She conducts herself like the corporate soldier that she is.

She knows little of her three colleges, pausing only to confirm their identity when the driver of the car picked them up at the port ten minutes earlier, in contact with her tech support, through vid feeds, audio and telepresence, the faces and fingerprints of the three Sons of the Constitution, a splinter terror group of the Pro Democracy movement.

Swabb has Frendz. Mega City One’s home grown crime syndicate. It’s dispersed nature, as lethal as terror cells in their own right. Between the various Frendz organizations they had the larger portion of illegal activities in MC1 sewn up. Sex, drugs, rock and roll memorabilia, if you wanted sugar and caffeine, 3% of every cred you spent went to line the pockets of the Friendz.

But Swabb is here today for something else. Removing loose ends.

The Frendz are supplying four nuclear bombs, small but nasty bombs, to Alan DeBotan.

DeBotan has been a useful tool for the Frendz over the last sixteen years, but has grown too powerful, and is now to be taken out. Swabb has been witness to much of DeBotan’s usefulness – he has a way with robots, able to control, override and disable anything with a mechanical brain.

Swabb was present at the last meeting between Sector 44 Frendz chairman, Oscar Foxtrot and DeBotan, when his request for the nuclear material was made. He had the money, that wasn’t an issue, and the Frendz owed him a favor.

Swabb is Foxtrots right hand woman. When anything needs to be done, Swabb is there before Foxtrot realizes he needs anything done. For years Swabb has been the liaison between The Frendz and DeBotan, but tonight that must end.

The Frendz have been using DeBotan to aid the escape of prisoners from a cursed earth Iso Block 23, and DeBotan’s current activity puts the Frendz business at risk, at risk mostly of being discovered by the Judges and hundreds of criminals currently free being forced to return to the cubes.

DeBotan wants the Atlantic Wall attacked by the bombs, the Sons of the Constitution are to attack from the seaward side, and Swabb is to attack the wall from inside, by parking a zoom train under the wall at Penn & Teller station.

Swabb’s plan is to kill two dog vultures with one las blast.

Swabb will take the bomb to Iso Block 23, knowing full well that DeBotan wont be able to let them get away with not implementing his plan. He has grown too arrogant to let the Frendz betray him.

In preparation, the frendz have reopened a long abandoned access tunnel from the Iso Block to the Mag lev rail station at the abandoned Spaceship Junk Yard leading to the nearby Iso Block.

A small section of the tunnel has been shielded to prevent DeBotan’s Psi teleport ability from working, and it is here that Swabb will lay his trap.

A single use teleport pad has been prepared with a random destination programmed.

DeBotan will not be able to use his psi abilities to escape. There is no tech, computer or lighting circuit in the tunnels, for DeBotan to use against them.

All they need do is lead him on a merry chase through a Junk Yard, a series of Tunnels. and let off a nuclear bomb underground to destroy all the evidence that the Frendz have done anything wrong.

What can go wrong.

Swabb has pulled together a team of experts to aid her in this.

Brother and Sister double act, the O’Hares, both violent criminals, with Jessica having a crush on Swabb.

Hurley – a tech wizard who should be able to keep DeBotans long range reach from swatting them like flies.

Larry Davis, a tech based safe cracker and

Maureen – the best Fixer in the business, and being groomed to take over from Swabb when she retires – Maureen has contacts and business dealings that produce miracles.

Swabb has arranged for the team to be waiting on an abandoned zoom platform under the Tech Bazaar.

All they know, at the moment, is that they will be detonating a nuclear bomb, the target isn’t clear.

The team are in audio and visual contact with Swabb, as she enters the Tech Bazaar.


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