Mega City 1

Hi There. My name's Eddie, your shipboard computer.

42 Ways to Die

Out of the gloom a voice spoke.

What game would you like to play today?

The weapons control center was an Artificial Intelligence. Vons Simian was patched up enough by Molotov to prevent his guts spilling all over the floor, and it must have been the stims and painkillers she had pumped into his system that caused him to trip the first line of defence that the computer had.

Thirty seconds of a laser grid, spinning and twirling through the enclosed space was enough to encourage him not to make the same mistake twice.

Getting access to the AI wasn’t going to be enough. This is a war machine, and Eddie wants to go to war. There doesn’t seem to be a problem, Eddie isn’t willing to throw a missile at.

Finally convincing the AI that it needed to grow, expand it’s experiences and maybe look at trying to be a doctor, convinced itself that it needed to perform surgery on a rather sick city that it had been left in charge of, and immediately sent a hail of missiles at the remaining Klegg army manning the shields and laser defence grid.

Knocking out the shields allowed Dredd and MC1 to launch enough missiles at the God City, and Dirty Frank taking over control of the flight deck, was enough to set the city on a crash course with the Black Atlantic.

Timing their escape precisely, the Clones, their East Meg Medic, and Dirty Frank, made to a waiting rescue craft with Dredd aboard, only moments before the city clipped part of the Atlantic Wall, and smashed onto the surface of the sea.

Within moments, the black sticky substance of the Atlantic wrapped it’s oily fingers around the city, and dragged it below the waves.

A modern day Atlantis – Overdrives riches, oddities, and nuclear weapons, sinking below the waves.

Dredd flew straight back to Justice Central , to report to the Chief Judge, the clones trailing in his wake. Somewhere inside Chief Judge Hershey’s office, a soft pop came at the same moment, as the understanding that whoever had been behind this attempted destruction of Mega City 1, had failed.

It wouldn’t take long now to interrogate the data Judge Frank had taken from Overdrive, and the data the clones had found on Luna 1, and the puppet master would be revealed.

Judge Bachmann, head of Black Ops – wasn’t going to wait. Teleporting into the Chief Judges office, Bachmann and a squad of her marines came in guns blazing. Dredd took a direct hit, the Chief Judges security team were mown down by pulsar fire, and the clones were briefly knocked unconscious.

The last thing any of them saw, was Bachman, injecting something into Hershey’s neck, and teleporting out of the office with her six remaining marines.

If they moved quickly enough, the Clones could give chase.


DominicORourke DominicORourke

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