Mega City 1

Get Crater

A roaring noise filled the ears of Judge Bliss as she was the first to recover. At first she feared it was precious oxygen being vented to the vaccine if the moon, before realising that asphyxiation would be preferable to the reality of a half conscious Klegg lashing out with all four limbs.
Instinct took over and a standard execution round tore into the beast, it lashed out further.
The still unconscious body of Judge Simian was sliced open like a balloon, and metre after metre of intestine flopped out on the floor.
The scream was enough to bring Judge Molotov around, and she too fired a shot off at the beast, tearing more chunks from its neck and shoulder.
Bliss, having considered whether they could survive and Armour Piercing round if she missed, flipped her lawgiver in her hand and launched her self on to the back of the alien mercenary, and with a reassuring clunk drove the butt of her gun into the small pre brain of the creature at the base of his neck.

Once more tying the creature up, Molotov tending to Simians guts, the still conscious judges assessed the situation.

The Hov Tank, although on its side, was still functional.

Any Kleggs left in the mines below the crater would not have survived Overdrives secret flying city taking off.

The comms panel was intercepting hundreds of channels of communication from Overdrive, calling for the arrest of the Mega City judges – and for now it seems that the soviet judges of Luna City were in agreement, and signals calling for them to return for interrogation were coming through loud and clear.

Also loud and clear was Max Overdrive himself who was trying to instil order in his troops and bragging that they would fly his City into earth orbit and destroy the pestilence that was the infected Mega City 1, from infecting the rest of the world – and seemingly in the same breath of dividing the wealth of MC1 among the thieves, mercenaries and terrorists on board his city.

It was doubtful that the Judges would need to inform Dredd what was happening – but having a presence on board the city would be a sensible move.

And the fact that an undercover judge may already be in place could only be to their advantage.

Overdrive City was still only a few hundred meters above the surface of the moon – too high for the Hov Tank to fly their directly, but Molotov flipped the tank back the right way up, and making navigation adjustments on the fly, spun the tank towards one of the remaining crater walls. Gathering speed in the low lunar gravity, the tank flew up the slope of the crater and launched itself, like a small missile, at the six kilometer target that was Overdrive city.

For a moment it looked like the tank would slip harmlessly past the city, but a lurch from a damaged engine, saw the tank instead turn and head for the glazed dome of the Dino Park they had been in only the day before.

Crashing through the dome, the tank tumbled and twisted through the artificial jungle, battered by whatever wasn’t tied down being evacuated out into the vacuum of lunar space, before coming to a rest within reach of an air lock.

Taking one last moment to read the mind if the Klegg, Judge Bethesda confirmed that the Kleggs were Max Ocerdrives private army, brought in to keep the opposing forces of mercenaries and terrorists apart. Overdrive needed both parties for his attack on MC1, and needed the Kleggs to stop them tearing each other apart.

With the majority of that private army now dust under the launch engines of the flying city, tensions seemed to be rising in board already.

Whoever was supposed to come and check on a hull breach to the bio-dome, obviously wasn’t doing their job, and the judges, now awake and patched up, pulled themselves through the air lock and into the main body of the city.

Before them were three choices.

1. Take control of the flight deck.
2. Take control of engineering.
3. Or take control of the thousands of nuclear missiles and the bristling walls of laser weapons that the city was armed with.

All that stood between them and success where two opposing factions of well armed terrorists and mercenaries and a shark headed business man with the remnants of a Klegg army.

All the judges have to hand are their lawgivers and boot knives.

No problem then.


DominicORourke DominicORourke

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