Mega City 1

Crime Briefing

A Watch Commander Patrol Briefing.


Operation Marmaduke – Vid Star illegal tapping of communications, may have some involvement of PSU.
UPDATE PSU advise that they have leads in their investigation which indicate there are more than just vid stars having their communications tapped. They suspect some businessmen have been keeping silent, may be

Operation Total Judging – commitment to have more patrols, more visible Judge presence, and to cut down on personal crime in sector. Targeting violent criminals, rather than white collar crime. Each patrol has targets of violent criminals to arrest, Tappers, street robbers.
This also involves drug crime

UPDATE increased numbers of arrests of addicts found at Atlantic Wall sites. New drugs found in possession to contain small levels of radioactivity. This could indicate that manufacturing is happening in south sectors once effected by the Sov Invasion, or one of the previous Total War nuke sites.

UPDATE In the absence of Mob Enforcers, a number of arrests have been made in south hexes around Tim T Monkey block of loan sharks using excessive force.

UPDATE Increase in burglary stats indicates that there is some collision between Juvie gangs. This is unusual. Further details required of any connections between Juvie gangs and burglary.

Operation Corporate Manslaughter

Ongoing investigation into incompetence in business

ITEM – there has been an arrest and imprisionment of the Sector Secretariat Contracts administrator, for allowing the death of two employees at the local Resyk facilities, following the use of substandard meat grinder teeth Maintainence droids. There is a temp employee in place, and a job advertisement for the replacement employees is due to be published today. Expect long lines and trouble at Resyk as joe public queues for a job interview. 50,000 respondents expected.

Reported levels of crime.

A quiet night at Bateman Block and Bloch Block, recent arrests there seem to have quietened some of the juves down.

A number of Mo Pads and Hov Cars have been vandalised at the multi storey Hov Park at the Black Atlantic tunnel park n ride. PSU suspect a number of individuals in separate vehicles may be responsible, be on the look for any suspicious vehicles in that vicinity

The Mae West muties, following a successful lobby of local government, have arranged for a picnic at the municipal park out near the space port. Be on the look out for a back lash from the anti-mutant leagues failed sniper attack.

There is one lone fattie on a hunger strike down at the site of the illegal eating halls, near the Seacrest Village, it’s not a pretty sight, and there are some passers by inciting the protestor to find quicker ways to kill himself. A number of arrests have been made.

ITEM Murder. Body found at Appartment 3323 Tom Cruise Block, B Watch Med judges confirm foul play, be on the look out for husband of the deceased Sidarthur Holmes, 28, 1.75, dark hair IC4 Male.

Skinheads gangs are out in force around Charles Arthur block, no obvious target for their aggression as of yet, riot foam used on a bar fight last night, with the arrest of nearly 100 skinheads, just the tip of the iceberg out there. Reports of rival biker gang to the skin heads as yet unsupported.

Another illegal sky surf board run along the Atlantic wall last night. Two Judges were injured giving chase last night. There are no descriptions of the juves, other than a gang insignia of a skulls head on their jackets. This is the first recording of this insignia, and may indicate the presence of a new gang in town. More information required

Time to get out there and bring the law to the streets.

Be careful out there.


DominicORourke DominicORourke

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