Mega City 1

Bad Science

As the city’s tech systems grind to a halt, space ships crashing from the skies and millions dying in the rubble of a terrorist atomic bomb, DeBotan leaves the city. Judges Simian and Void head off to track his exact location using the information they gathered from his last appearance.
Judge Bethesda made a call to Prof O’Hagan of Psi Division and was informed that some experimental weapons were still in the half destroyed science lab caught in the first terror attack on the Iso Block.

The remaining judges caught a H Wagon out to the blast zone and drove their law masters off the craft and reached the now derelict science lab.

Little drifts of smoke were drifting over the melted and twisted shield door, bodies strewn about the floor. One survivor, Doctor Brown, stayed alive long enough to warn of the loose experiments on the second level and that the Psi Tech was on the fourth level.

The third floor was still on fire and it seemed that it was only the lift car that was preventing the lowest floor from being flooded. Judge Foe managed to shift the car enough to raise the water level on the third level and put out the fire before the four judges climbed down the pitch black shaft.

Attacked by cursed earth rats, the judges were lashed at by some sort of silicon based xenomorph, before discovering a whole floor of blue cloned soldier bodies hanging like meat at an abattoir. Blasting their way through the lift floor seemed the last straw the sci lab could take. Sirens blared and shields started shutting down the shaft locking the judges in the deepest level with a five minute countdown to self destruct.

Just enough time for the four clones to scour the floor and pick up some nice tech.

Judge Bliss found three bio chips for her cyber implant, they seemed to be experimental skill chips. Foe picked up four psi concussion grenades and a Psi blocking machine which also seems to have some sort of time shift potential.

Finally Bethesda finds the teleport belt – which allows for easier, quicker and further teleport jumps. This should allow to keep up with DeBotan or get ahead of him.

Teleporting out of the science lab, just in time to see it implode behind them, the clones got back on their bikes and headed south to catch up with Simian and Void.

Having trailed the signal to an abandoned theme park in the old atomic war bombed out south sectors, the clones arrived in time to see a convoy of trucks leave the compound.

It seems that the tricks are loaded up with crate after crate of war droids, thousands if them by the number of trucks, heading to the city.

Attempting to call justice central on their radios failed, and making a judgement call, the clones decided to put trackers on the trucks and sent a message capsule to Justice Central advising them of the imminent attack.

Deciding that the removal of DeBotan should cut the head off this robotic snake the clones turned to find an entrance to the Theme Park.

As they did, a small ship glided in overhead. A Hondo City craft, small, heavily armoured and stinking if private military.

Judging that DeBotan still holds data and evidence of his financial backers, and that those people have had enough of his failed attempts at destroying MC1, Simian puts two and two together deems that this was DeBotans bosses method of removing the problem terrorist.



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